Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A so-so day for us

Well, it's been an interesting day here.

Sarah did well at breakfast.  I gave her oatmeal, pears, and peaches.  No issues with any of it.  I got her on the bus, got her brother fed his breakfast, and was hanging out watching TV with Sean when the phone rang.  It was KKI's billing department telling me I'd have to self-pay for outpatient follow-ups.  Ugh.  I was able to get a hold of Sarah's case manager right away and the situation is resolved, thankfully.  Good thing because she needs the extra help and we don't have the cash laying around to pay out of pocket!  I also updated him on how Sarah's doing and was assured that what she's doing is normal.  He was glad to hear she's eating better for me now.

Sean and I had fun this morning.  He was playing Nickelodeon Dance on the Wii (think Just Dance, but with Nick Jr characters like Dora, Diego, Backyardigans, and the Fresh Beat Band).  He had a blast, and it was so cute.

I took Sean to speech where he did well, but was a bit distracted and complained of being tired.  He actually took a good nap for me when we got home.  Yay!

Cute story on the Sean front.  He and Sarah have been on this kick where they watch Wonder Pets.  A lot.  He had this toy phone with him in the car on the way to speech, and he said it was Linny on the phone (the guinea pig in the show).  I asked him if there was an animal in trouble, and he said yes.  I asked him what animal, and he said "Bootsie!" (our cat).  Too cute and what an imagination!

Anyway, Sarah got home from school, had a snack, and was generally fine.  She tested me a bit at dinner, but learned quickly that I wasn't giving in.  She didn't want mangoes too much, but realized she had to eat them.  She managed fine, but she was being a booger.  She pulled a similar stunt with apricots, but got over it.

I brought home free ices from Rita's since it was their annual First Day of Spring promotion.  Sarah took one bite of her ice and decided she didn't like it, which was fine.  Sean loved his and was visibly and loudly enjoying himself.  It was really cute.  All of a sudden, she walked over to Sean, grabbed his ice, and threw it across the room.  She threw it so hard it made a huge mess.  It even hit the ceiling!  I was furious, especially because on top of the obvious meanness to her brother, I'd spent over an hour scrubbing the kitchen today!!!

I'm working on a new YouTube video to share our success story and thank everyone from the people who worked with Sarah directly to our lawyer who got us the coverage to the people who supported us and followed our journey.

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