Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 14

Sarah did well today.  She also had a good weekend.  She got a little adventurous and tried pizza and a fruit snack.  She put the pizza up to her mouth and got some sauce.  That's as far as it got, but a good attempt on her part.  She put the fruit snack up to her mouth, but that's still more than she usually does.  She generally has little interest in foods outside what she normally eats.

Today, she had OT and speech in addition to the usual meals and school time.  Breakfast was relatively normal, but they introduced a new food: waffles.  It was pureed, so I doubt they were any different from pancakes to her.  I don't even think she made a face, but it's possible I am remembering wrong.

At OT, she did well.  She ate a mixture of fork-mashed carrots with pureed carrots.  She ate some crumbs with a therapy tool, and I think they are looking at putting crumbs in a puree at some point.  I don't know when they plan on doing that.

Speech went well, but was very difficult for her.  The poor kid threw up a little during her session.  She got a bigger piece of food than she is used to eating further back into her mouth than she is used to having anything solid, and she gagged to the point of vomiting.  I felt bad for her, but she actually didn't freak out as much as I was expecting.  The therapist was able to get her to continue with the session, so that was good.

They upped her texture at lunch.  She got regular applesauce with her meal, and the rest was pureed food.  She made a few faces, but she did fine.  We expected that.

She had school this afternoon, and did fine.  Her teacher said she was singing a song she didn't recognize, and I realized it was her ballet song from this year's upcoming recital.  Too cute!

At dinner, her carrots were the thicker texture.  Her therapist told her she'd have to chew them a little, and she actually did move them through her mouth and chew them.  I was really impressed with her working through them.  She didn't complain or whine or make any faces.  She didn't refuse any bites at all.

So, a great job today by Sarah!


Emily said...

How do mealtimes at home work for you? Do you offer her options, just incase curiosity hits like with the pizza? Does she feed herself?

Sorry if I'm being nosy, I'm just curious....

the lady said...

so good to read the updates!
Im curious too about mealtimes at home :)
Praying for Sarah that she keeps improving and making progress :)
She is such a sweet little girl!

Amy said...


Right now, mealtimes at home aren't any different than they were before. They will train us in her protocol and probably send food home later in the program. She generally does feed herself, even at the clinic. If she does want something we're eating, we let her try a tiny piece of it and we watch her (to make sure she doesn't choke). It's totally fine if she wants to experiment with a food.