Saturday, February 11, 2012

Days 17-18

So, Thursday I was predicting a disaster at breakfast.  Sarah was being a booger in the morning.  She had her usual pudding and yogurt early, which is fine.  However, while I was dressing her little brother, she helped herself to two more puddings.  She was in the middle of her third pudding of the morning when I stopped her.  I was so mad.

She did well, though, for breakfast.  She did a happy dance when she saw D (her main feeder) was back.  It was really cute.  I told her feeder what happened this morning, and she didn't push volume on her when it was clear Sarah was getting full and slowing down.  She had two foods of higher texture that morning and did well with both.

I was able to run to the Whole Foods downtown while Sarah hung out in the playroom and get some more of the "Elmo pasta."  It's just tomato soup with Elmo shaped pasta.  We were all out at home and at the clinic, and it's royally expensive everywhere except Amazon (should be getting a shipment soon) and Whole Foods.  Not that it's cheap either of those places, but significantly cheaper than at regular grocery stores.  It is also not carried at most grocery stores here.

Lunch was also two higher texture foods.  All of her fruits are now of a higher texture, as are several of her vegetables.  She is doing great with it.

That day, she had school after lunch and then speech right after that.  It's rare that she has anything other than school after lunch, so that was a bit odd.  She was a bit difficult at school, but not bad.  She was just unfocused, and that's Mommy's fault for forgetting Sarah's medication.  Oops.  Mommy has since set a reminder on her phone since her brain obviously isn't working.

At speech they were working to get her to eat some dried bananas.  It was a decent session, and she is definitely putting up much less of a fight, and asking for Mommy a lot less.  She doesn't really even cry much anymore, so that's good.

That night, I had an ounce of motivation to drag myself to the gym.  I packed up both kids and went before I changed my mind.  That was quite the adventure.  I'm thankful the gym where we have a membership has excellent childcare.  They never even batted an eye the first time I told them Sarah was autistic.  Anyway, I dropped the kids at childcare, reminded them of Sarah's needs, and then headed to the locker room to get myself ready to work out.  I was afraid if I took the time to change into workout clothing at home that the motivation might disappear.  That's how bad my exercise attitude is.

Anyway, I had just gotten changed and ready to start my workout when a childcare staff member came to tell me Sean had pooped (they don't change diapers).  I was kind of surprised seeing as he's been potty trained for a while and rarely has a #2 accident, but he is weird about telling people he doesn't know well that he has to use the bathroom.  I grabbed his change of clothes and headed to the childcare room.  I told the staff when I got there why I was surprised.  I checked him and he was clean and dry.  They said another kid had blamed the smell on Sean, and Sean had replied yes when asked if he'd pooped.  They apologized profusely, and I told him it was fine.  How were they supposed to know my weird kid was going to take the blame for some other kid's smell?

So, I started my workout, and had about five minutes to go on the elliptical when the child care staff member came to tell me that it was Sarah this time and they were SURE.  I assured them I wasn't surprised and that I'd be right there.  Sarah isn't bowel trained and was due for one of those any minute.  I got to the childcare room, and I spotted Sean doing the potty dance.  Big time.  They said he'd told them he didn't have to go potty.  The minute he saw me, he headed right to the bathroom.  The goofball had his pants halfway down before I could shut the door.  I sent him on his way once he was done, cleaned up and changed his sister, and finally headed back to finish my workout.

Needless to say, I was EXHAUSTED when I was done.

Friday was okay for the most part.  D was out again, but I was able to prepare Sarah in advance.  A lot of times my attempts at explaining, oh, anything to Sarah go in one ear and out the other, but this one seemed to sink in okay.  She was fine with having B around, although she did say that B was going to go home (I'd told her D was home that day instead of at feeding school).  B simply replied that she was going home after dinner like Sarah, and Sarah accepted that answer.

All of her meals went fine.  Her dinner was all higher texture foods except yogurt.  She did great with all of it and was reminding herself to move it around her mouth.

We spent a lot of time discussing her behavioral issues.  She isn't terrible in the playroom.  She just shoves a kid once or twice a day out of nowhere, it seems.  So, they are trying to get to the bottom of it.  She is also being mean to her brother at home, so I'm not super surprised.  It seems to have been a tad better over the past few days, but some of it is due to a lack of opportunity.

Another thing we're working on, and I discussed this with one of the staff yesterday, is breaking Sarah of her insistence on using a potty ring to go to the bathroom.  She is obsessed with it, and is plenty big enough to sit on a regular adult seat.  It's been a tough process to get her used to sitting on a regular adult seat, but we're getting there.

She's started this little stunt where she always asks to go potty in the middle of her school time.  I really don't like this because she only gets a half hour of school instruction as it is.  A potty trip in the middle is time wasted.  Her second feeding therapist, B, and I made her go to the bathroom, but it took a lot of work on our parts.  I am hoping that if I bring a visual schedule with me to the clinic, that will stop this behavior.  She used to pull this stunt all the time at hockey.  She'd swear up and down that she didn't have to go potty until her hockey gear was on.  We'd take her gear off, take her to the bathroom, put her gear back on, etc.

Today, she had hockey practice, but it took us a while to get out the door, so she didn't get to skate as long as she normally could because we were late.  She also had her therapy appointment this afternoon, and dragging both kids was not a disaster like it usually is.  I had my dance class later today, and my goddaughter kept Sean busy while Sarah "participated" in my class.  She was pretty funny.  She was doing a lot of our exercises and trying to do our dance.  It was really cute.

Tomorrow, we are going to Disney On Ice.  I think that will be pretty fun. She is usually pretty good at these kinds of things, so hopefully that will continue.

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