Friday, January 18, 2013

One year later

So, today is the one-year anniversary of the day we started the clinic.  Last night, Sarah ate more than one slice of pizza.  About a slice and 1/4, but I'm happy with that.  She chewed it up, and only spit out two bites. She left the crust, but don't most kids her age?

She's gotten a bit selective about her food, but overall she's doing fine.  She'd prefer I always offer peas and carrots with every meal. I'm mean, so I only indulge her for breakfast.  We have decided macaroni and cheese is an acceptable breakfast.  She'll eat oatmeal if I force the issue, but who has time for that before school?

She still takes ballet and tap, but we've added jazz.  She loves it!  She now takes swim lessons as well, and just this week got moved up a session in hockey.  This means one more hour of sleep on Saturday morning for whoever takes her!

I'm really pleased with where she is, although if I had everything I wanted, she'd be eating like most kids her age.  I've accepted that she isn't ready for it yet.  But, I haven't bought baby food in forever, so I don't care.

Here are a few pics of her at Pizza hut last night.

Excuse the weird hair.  She'd just come from swim class.

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