Monday, July 9, 2012

It's been too long...

I guess part of it is that there really isn't much to tell.  For the most part, Sarah is eating well.  She isn't really giving me a hard time most days, and nothing much is going on.  She finished school on June 8, and today she started summer school.  Or, "extended school year", specifically.  Four weeks of mornings with only one kid.  Pretty nice for me.

Summer has been relatively uneventful.  Just hanging around, going to therapy, of course, and we did spend two days at parks.  One was a local park with a feeding clinic friend, and another was at Sesame Place, Sarah's favorite place in the world.  The kids really love it there, and it's worth the two-hour drive since Sarah has such a nice time.  She got to dance in the parade when we went, but the little booger deleted the video from my phone before I could get it off the phone and uploaded anywhere.

I did have surgery two weeks ago, but it was just a hernia repair.  I'm still a tad sore from time to time, and I have to remind myself not to strain myself, but I'm recovering well otherwise.

Sarah is on a water-drinking kick.  For anyone who knows her, that's kind of new.  She would normally only drink it begrudgingly.  She still loves her milk the best, but she seems really into drinking water now.  I don't know why that's so interesting to her now, but we're going with it.

She has been very independently lately.  She likes to dress herself, and heaven forbid anyone open a door for her.  She will slam it shut so she can do it herself.  Drives me bananas, but I suppose it's better than her refusing to do anything for herself.

Oh, and both kids started swimming lessons recently.  Sarah is going to a special needs place and loving it.  Sean is at the Y and is terrified.  He is getting better, though.  All I ask of Sean is that he listen to his instructor since I know he's going to be scared anyway, and he did better at his last lesson.  I hope he does well tonight.

Quick billing vent.  I finally got a bill for our stay.  Okay, fine.  We were supposed to be on a payment plan for our portion of the bill, which thankfully wasn't a ton compared to what we would have had to pay had we lost our lawsuit.  I called because it was for the full amount, and they had "no record of us being on a payment plan." Um, seriously? Anyway, they were really nice about it and we got ourselves on a payment plan, but what a pain in the butt.  I would have made payments earlier, but I wasn't going to be randomly send checks that would land in oblivion.  Ugh.  Is it just me, or does everywhere you go for anything health-related seem to have people screw up the billing?

That's all for now.  Waiting for Little Miss to get off the bus.  I hope she had a good day.