Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 6

So, one pretty good meal, one excellent meal, and one really bad meal today. She also had speech and OT.

Breakfast was peaches, yogurt, strawberry applesauce, and pancakes. All pureed. Toward the end of the meal, she threw the strawberry applesauce and the pancakes. We think she may have been getting full and decided she was over eating the foods she liked less. There was even pureed pancake in her hair.

She had OT shortly before lunch. I can't watch those sessions because there's nowhere for me to watch undetected. Her therapist got her to chew a green bean with help of a therapy tool. Some parts of the green bean were actually chewed and swallowed. So, very good for her.

Speech was a huge struggle for her, and there was a lot of fighting and crying. She just really hates a lot of the work they are doing to desensitize her mouth and strengthen her jaw. It's hard for her and she wants to try and fight her way out of it. I can't blame her, but I'm really glad her therapist isn't letting up. She called a helper in when she was putting up a huge fight because she was concerned Sarah may hurt herself or the therapist. Once Sarah saw the extra person, she gave in and let her do the work. It was a little hard to watch her so upset, but I'm pleased to see the results and the persistence. It's good to see that she can't sucker the therapists into letting her get out of things she doesn't want to do.

I really hope speech and OT allow us to increase the texture soon. I have to trust that the experts know what they're doing. I do know some of the concern is that Sarah swallows her Spaghetti-o's and Elmo pasta whole and doesn't chew them. So, obviously that's something they need to make sure she learns before we up the texture too much.

Here's a picture today from dinner. The arrows point to where she threw the spoons. You can see how one of them is half under the door. She has an arm! Excuse the reflection on her. I took it from the one-way window where I was watching.


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