Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tomorrow is the day!

Well, I still have things to get together, but nothing major. Sean is pretty well set for staying with my parents. I might need to pack some spare clothes for him, but not much else.

I need to try and prepare a picture schedule for Sarah because I think the clinic is going to confuse her enough. To add to things, tomorrow night is a special night at dance. It's the night where parents watch the class. The plan is for Daddy to pick up Sean from Grammy and Granddad's and take him to dance. I'll bring Sarah to her class after that. She's used to eating dinner in the waiting room while Sean dances, so that should be nice and confusing for her. Hopefully the picture schedule will help her understand and not freak out and refuse to dance.

To top things off, I'm battling a nasty sinus infection. Yay. I get to be miserable and exhausted tomorrow. Here's hoping the antibiotics have kicked in by then!

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