Sunday, February 26, 2012

Days 26-27 & Weekend update

So, slacking again.  My days are long at the clinic, my nights are busy, and my weekends are usually crazy too.

Thursday she had speech and OT, but no school.  As things turned out, she actually only had school on Wednesday this week.  I'm not too thrilled about all the missed time, especially seeing as she only gets a half hour of school a day, but there isn't much I can do about it.  She's a smart girl, and hopefully she'll adjust okay when it's time to go back.  I do practice a little with her at home to see what sight words she knows, but that's about as much as she's willing to do.

So, she did very well at both.  They give her a choice of which food to work on at speech - always crunchy food that dissolves pretty easily.  The little goof keeps picking stuff she doesn't seem to like.  She always does better with the dried bananas, but generally chooses veggie sticks.  Crazy kid.  Her therapist switched her to bananas when she was having a really rough time and she did much, much better.  At OT, her therapist said she did great.  She didn't spit out a single bite!  They've been using a therapy tool to help cue her to chew her foods, but apparently they don't need to use it all the time.  Very cool.

As far as the meals go, breakfast was really good Thursday.  She took in all her bites for the chew session, didn't spit anything out, and just did a great job.  I was really proud of her.  She did great for me, as always.

Lunch, though, didn't go as well.  She was thrown off immediately when she saw both of her therapists, D (main), and B (secondary).  Unfortunately for Sarah, D was in the playroom as a one-on-one for a kid who needs extra supervision.  B was feeding her and another therapist whose name currently escapes me were there to do the chew session.  She immediately threw herself on the ground when she walked into the feeding room and started crying.  I may ask D if she is a one-on-one for this child again if she can let me know ahead of time so maybe we can try and formulate a plan so Sarah doesn't see her before it's time to eat.  Sarah is okay with B feeding her, but it really confused her to see D and then not have D even in the room for the meal.  Maybe I'm coddling her a bit, but with the chewing sessions being so difficult right now, I would prefer not to have an extra battle.  Anyway, despite all of that, she took in all of her bites for the chew session.  She gagged getting some of them down and vomited a tiny bit once.  Not great, but not terrible either.  She was fine for me.

I raced to the gym as soon as she had supervision in the playroom and managed to get back about five minutes before her meal.  I guess it's only fifteen minutes away if you don't managed to hit nearly every red light.  Ugh.  Still, it felt great to leave for a bit and get a workout in.  I am just going to have to leave a bit earlier the next time I go to that gym because that was cutting it too close for comfort.

Dinner was pretty much the same as lunch, except D was there to do the chew session.  She seemed to be having a hard time swallowing the solid bites.  We think it's sensory-related.

That night was guys' night, which meant it was just me and the kids, seeing as their aunt had a class to take.  I was so tired from the gym, and I don't think I stayed up much later than they did.

Friday, we got to the clinic, grabbed her schedule, and saw she was supposed to have school at 9 and it was canceled.  We are lucky to be pulling up to the clinic at 9 most days, and once she's checked in at the nurse's station, it's generally at least 9:15.  I'm glad it was canceled because we weren't going to get there.  She's never had therapy that early.  Weird.

Anyway, she had no other therapy Friday, so it was a long day for us.  Breakfast was rough for Sarah.  She spit a lot of her bites at her chew session, although she did get all of them down eventually.  She was fine for me.

At lunch, they scaled back a little.  They changed the consistency of the pancakes.  They're still a much higher texture than the rest of her food, and she definitely has to chew them, but that seems to be helping a lot. It's almost too easy now, though.  I don't think they plan to do this for long, though.  Just enough to get past the issues they had at the end of the week.  I don't know what to say about her level of challenge, though.  It's so hard to say with her, and if I really knew what I was doing and how to get her past this, she wouldn't be at the clinic.  She was fine for me.

Dinner was the same and went fine as well.  We have another weekend kit at home, and that's going well.  She was funny this morning, though.  I was changing her clothes, and hadn't grabbed something new for her to wear yet.  She decided it was time to eat, so she walked into the kitchen, completely naked, and told me she wanted to eat.  I had to convince her to get clothes on first.  She kept saying "No, Sarah's going to take her bites."  Silly girl.

We spent time yesterday at Ikea getting some new furniture for her room.  It's a disaster area, and part of it is because there's nowhere to put her stuff.  So, with new storage places, theoretically her room will no longer be a scary place to walk.  Ha ha!

Another birthday party for us today.  Her uncle and cousin are both celebrating a birthday today! I'm excited to head to their party and see if Sarah will eat cake again.

Oh, and yesterday morning, Sarah did very well at hockey practice.  She was skating with a hockey stick with help.

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