Sunday, February 19, 2012

Days 21-22 & Weekend Update

Slacking again!

If I could just update from KKI's computer, I'd have this blog updated so much more often.  Oh well, not much I can do about what the network folks decide to block and not to block.  I guess I should just be happy I have computer access and free wi-fi available to me and quit griping.  I should also feel fortunate Sarah's in the outpatient program and that we're local, so I can take her home every night and get to our normal family life.  Or whatever version of that exists right now.

So...Thursday and Friday I fed her all of her meals.  I believe it was Friday they started watching me from the "secret room."  Both of Sarah's feeders say I'm doing a great job with her protocol.  That's good to hear.  I'm about 99% sure that Sarah knows there is a room and people watch from there.  The little goof was looking over at the mirror that's really a window and making faces and I am pretty sure I heard her mention both feeders' names at one of her meals.  I ignored the comments, though, and continued the meal.

Sarah had speech on Thursday and did well.  It was the first time I can recall seeing some serious effort on her part to eat some crumbs.  They were working on dried bananas.  She is starting to slowly get the hang of moving the crumbs around in her mouth, but she isn't fully coordinated enough to always get them to go the right direction.  Some of the crumbs ended up coming out, not because she was spitting, but because she ended up moving them out instead of down the hatch.  There was spitting of the crumbs toward the end of the session, too, but that's happening less and less.

I also got our first "weekend kit" sent home for me to feed her on her protocol at home.  It was a bit of a scary idea, but she's done so well with me, they predicted she would do very well.  So far, they are right.  Sarah has tested me a tiny bit, but she's figured out that I'm sticking to the rules at home.  I think Sean wanted me to do the protocol on him after Sarah's breakfast or lunch yesterday, I forget which, but I didn't want to start that habit so I didn't.  I have to admit was awfully cute, though.

I am getting along great with the other moms right now in the parent room.  The past two days at the clinic, we have all gotten into these really fun chats about all kinds of things.  It's funny.  I think we scared off the grandfather of one of the kids.  We were all running our mouths, and he walked into the parent room and proceeded to go in the opposite direction.  Ha ha! I don't blame the guy, but it still struck me funny.

Oh, and Friday, Sarah had a major tantrum at KKI.  I wanted her to try and go to the bathroom.  She's had accidents a few times at the clinic because she's insisted she didn't have to go to the bathroom, and then there's a huge puddle.  I told her to try, she threw a fit.  I've been told by the staff plenty of times not to give in during these situations.  Well, Sarah put on quite the show.  I think most of the Baltimore area heard her screaming, so of course it was quite the spectacle.  I kept my cool, though, and once she'd sat for 30 seconds (she didn't go, but that's fine, I just wanted her to TRY), I let her get up.  I walked out of the bathroom and Sarah's main feeding therapist was there.  It was nice to hear from her I'd handled it perfectly.  I really hate when Sarah draws so much attention, but I guess it's nice to hear from the staff here that I'm doing things correctly.

With a lot of help from the staff, I seem to have broken Sarah of her need to use her special potty seat everywhere.  That is a huge help! I hate carrying the stupid potty bag everywhere, and I'm pretty sure my big kid is nearing the weight limit for that thing.  She is doing well, though, and no longer asks for the seat.  She even went potty just fine for Daddy on Saturday at hockey.

I got the paperwork for the gym that's nearby last week, but I don't know that I feel like paying for another gym right now.  The gym where I already have a membership has a downtown location that I can reach by the free bus.  It will take longer to get there that way, but it just seems to make a bit more sense to use the gym I'm already paying for.  Rob said it was okay to use the other one, but he'd really rather I use the one where I already have a membership. I just hope I can block out the time to do so.  I'm probably going to take my gym bag over to KKI a few days this week and see if there's a good time block for me to go.  Sometimes the way her therapy is scheduled doesn't permit it.

I got the great opportunity for some "Mommy Time" last night.  I hung out with some super awesome mommy friends and spent my time eating some awesome food and laughing very hard.  I got there late because I had my dance class, had to feed Sarah, etc., but I got there.  The last time I went to a Moms' Night In, my schedule was so crazy, I got there when people were leaving.  Such is my crazy life, but at least this time I got plenty of time in to spend with my friends.

Today, thankfully, my only commitment is a little birthday party for my youngest brother.  Sarah actually ate a few bites of cake at his party last year.  We'll see what she does this year.

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