Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 16

Wow, 16 days.  Are we really starting our fourth week?

Anyway, so Sarah's main feeder (D) was out today.  Sarah was pretty sad about that at breakfast.  I felt bad for her and joked with her second feeder (B) that D is going to have to clear all future days off with Sarah.  She's off on Friday too, so I'm going to try and warn Sarah ahead of time.  I'm sure like most of what I say to Sarah, it will likely be a waste of my time.  You can't blame me for trying, though, can you?

She had a busy day today - speech, OT, school, and her three meals, of course.  She did well, though.  At breakfast, she had one food of a higher texture and three purees.  The higher texture was peaches. B reminded her to move them through her mouth, and she did that with most of the bites.  Sometimes she just swallows them, but overall she's doing a great job with trying to move the food around and chew it.

OT went okay, but was not her best session.  They got her to put fork-mashed vegetables in her mouth, but she spit them out apparently.  The OT wasn't too upset about it.  She said that Sarah is super interested in corn, which doesn't surprise me since she adores the corn baby food.  Go figure.

Sarah did well at speech.  She didn't fuss much about any of the therapy tools, and was using them correctly when doing them herself after some demonstration.  There was a bit of protest, but I don't think she cried.  If she did, I don't remember, so I doubt she cried much if at all.  (Mommy probably shouldn't blog when her brain is fuzzy.  Then again, if that were the case, this blog would almost never be updated).

At lunch, she had one food of higher texture with her three purees.  She did just fine there too.

After lunch, she had school.  The little booger was driving me nuts before.  I asked her before lunch if she had to use the bathroom.  She said no, so I let it go.  After lunch, I asked her if she had to go, she said no.  I must have asked her to go a zillion times between the time she finished lunch and when it was time to head to school, and she insisted she didn't have to go and even started to throw a tantrum.  So, what happened when she started school? She had to go to the bathroom ten minutes into it.  Ugh.  That's better than the puddle that occurred after her school session on Monday when she was adamant that she didn't have to go potty.

At dinner, she got two different foods of a higher texture instead of one.  Broccoli and cheese was one of them.  The other may have been peaches again, but right now I can't remember.  She made some faces with the broccoli and cheese, but she got it down and moved it around and tried to chew.  Very well done.  She accepted all of her bites.  I was very impressed.

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