Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Days 9-11

So, I'm behind again. Sorry. I've been busy at home, and the stupid computer at KKI won't connect to the page I need to use to update this. It sucks because I actually have a chunk of time to update from there. But I digress...

Monday, Sarah had a huge breakthrough. For those who didn't see it on Facebook, Sarah ate a green bean! She actually chewed up a cooked green bean. I was so proud of her. It happened at OT, so I didn't see it, but she said that they were using a therapy tool like before to get her to eat it, and a piece fell out on her lips. She put it back in, chewed it, and swallowed it. Go Sarah!

Unfortunately, she also went back to throwing food. She threw pancakes (pureed) at breakfast, chicken noodle at lunch, and that was all over her hair and her shirt. It was a mess and I didn't have an extra shirt for her. I now have a couple I keep in my locker. She didn't throw her dinner, though. Speech went okay on Monday, although I wasn't able to watch because her therapist had to switch rooms and didn't have one where I could watch undetected. They started that day with a reinforcer. She can watch a movie during the meal, but it goes off if she refuses the bite. She can earn it back if she takes the next one okay.

Tuesday, she had pureed pancakes again for breakfast, but she didn't throw them. They introduced sweet potatoes for lunch. I was correct in my assumption that they'd go over just fine. She loves the Gerber ones, and she never even made a face at the ones they made at the clinic. At dinner, they introduced corn, and re-introduced fruit cocktail (something she threw before). She gave the corn a really good try. I think she ate at least half of it, but then started to refuse it. She didn't throw it, though. She just kind of pushed it away, or tried to dump the spoon. Unfortunately, one of the refusals ended up with her wiping some of it on her hands and then in her hair. That kid has had to have a bath every night so I can get the food out of her hair!

Sarah also started school with the KKI teacher yesterday. She really liked the teacher and went willingly. I came in for part of the session and told her what Sarah can do and had Sarah show her what she can do. I think that is going to work out pretty well. She and Sarah's teacher have already talked and I think some work has been e-mailed. I don't know.

She had OT Tuesday as well, but I didn't get a chance to catch up with her OT and ask what happened there.

Today they introduced pureed banana (very different from Gerber, believe me), for breakfast and Sarah gave it a good try but decided it needed to go flying. They were going to adjust her protocol to stop the throwing for lunch, but didn't have time to get official approval. It didn't matter because Sarah didn't throw her lunch! Corn was re-introduced, and she made a few faces, but ate all of it. The little goof also ate the whole meal with her hood up. I took a pic because it was so funny.

She had OT again today, but I didn't get a chance to talk with her OT. That seems to be the trend this week! Anyway, she also had speech and that was a tough session. Her speech therapist does so well with her. She doesn't let Sarah get away with a thing. Sarah can put up as much of a fight as she wants, but she still has to do what she is told. I do feel bad hearing her cry for me, but I can take it. I have been waiting and fighting way too long to get her into this program, and I can take the crying and the fighting if it's what needs to be done to get her past these issues. She started off doing very well, but gagged on the therapy tool and that's when she put up a fight. She managed to get some crumbs down with a therapy tool, and she gagged then too. She got a little upset, but was okay after a few seconds of crying. I feel bad that this is so hard for her, but that's just the way it is. It just sucks that the insurance put up a fight for over two years because that makes this fight even harder and these habits more ingrained.

Sarah's protocol was adjusted to combat the throwing for dinner. I wasn't sure she was going to throw anything, but she did. After a bit, she decided she was not impressed with pureed pot roast, and it went flying. She was MAD about their new method for making her take the bite (I'm being vague on purpose as their techniques are private and I'm not supposed to post them on a public blog), but she gave in fairly quickly. She was still able to complete the meal and take all her bites. She went to dance class tonight with pureed pot roast in her hair, though. Last week she went with pureed chicken noodle. Three days at the clinic this week, three nights in the bathtub. Since Daddy will be by himself tomorrow night while I'm at the autism society meeting, that should be REALLY interesting tomorrow if she is a mess. Here's hoping she somehow isn't a royal mess tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning is our big steering meeting where we talk with the whole team about goals, expectations, and all sorts of other interesting things. We'll be conference-calling Daddy in so he's on board with everything. This is too big not to involve him. I just hope this all goes smoothly and we can all decide together what is best for Sarah and set some realistic goals.

Here's the little goof with her hood up

Cute artwork in the hallway done by the playroom staff. Notice Elmo was involved too and is placed by Sarah?

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