Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 20

So this is the half-way point for us.  Sarah is eating some higher textures, is generally compliant during meals, and seems to have calmed down in the playroom.  Not a bad day, really.

I think, hope, anyway, that I have kicked whatever bizarre bug I had the last few days.  I felt a little off this morning, but I feel fine now and have since mid-morning.

They were going to try cream of wheat for breakfast, but decided to hold off.  I suggested also trying grits (even though I think they look disgusting, but I feel the same way about cream of wheat), and they are going to try those at some point too.  There's a diner near our house that serves them and we can easily order her a bowl of them.  Anyway, I sat in the room during her breakfast, but didn't feed it to her, and she was fine.  A little bummed that D (her main feeder) wasn't around, but she was happy to hear that D would be around for lunch and dinner.  She loves B (her secondary feeder) too, so it wasn't like she was heartbroken either.  It is really cute how much she just loves her feeders, though.  Breakfast went very well.  I don't remember what she ate, but three out of the four foods were a higher texture, the other was a puree (yogurt, I think).

During Sarah's school time, I got trained in her feeding protocol.  It wasn't really much of anything I didn't know because I've watched all but one of her meals (I was in her steering meeting for one of them).  They went over some specifics of a few things they do, and talked about what to ignore, what to encourage, etc.  There were a lot of possible situations they brought up, most of which I'm supposed to ignore, and that kind of freaked me out.  Not to say I expected most of them, at least not at this point, but yikes on a few of them! I'll cross my fingers and hope to heaven most of those don't happen.  Overall, she's a much smarter kid than she is stubborn, so hopefully if she sees she isn't going to get away with any craziness, she will knock it off.

Sarah had speech today, and I watched from the hidden room.  The speech pathologist asked if it was okay if a student observed the session, and I said that was fine with me.  She is doing better with her therapy overall, but she spends a fair amount of time spitting out her crumbs.  It's really hard for her, but she has got to learn to get the food down or she isn't going to be able to move up.  I'm sure they'll figure something out soon to help her keep the food in her mouth and get it down.  It is sad sometimes to see my daughter have to be taught something so basic.  I have to say, though, I really admire her team's patience.  They do a great job getting what they need out of her.  She still fights occasionally, but she knows she really can't play them.

I fed Sarah lunch, and was a little nervous I was going to mess up the protocol.  I know I made a few little mistakes.  Her therapists said I did great, though, and didn't mention any mistakes.  I was glad of that.  They even told me when we went over the protocol to keep going and not to freak if I made a mistake or really even acknowledge it or that was going to cause problems.  That's going to cause more issues than making a small mistake.  Sarah did well with her lunch, though, and accepted all her bites from me.  The little goof thought it was pretty funny that Mommy was feeding her.

I fed her dinner as well, and I did better.  She tested me a little, but they said I handled it perfectly.  She figured out after a few bites of testing me that I was going to do the same thing her feeders do and she gave up the fight.  The only other little problem we had was one of her foods was kind of runny and it was getting messy.  I had to give her smaller bites of it so it wouldn't go everywhere.  I think she was tired of that food before we finished it, and by the end of the meal it was all we had left (normally we alternate foods each bite).  She got through it though.

Tonight was dance class for both munchkins.  Sean had a rough night and was horribly unfocused.  I suspect it may have had to do with the new school this week.  Maybe next week he can take a nap after preschool and be refreshed for dance class.  Easier said than done, of course.  We'll see.  Sarah did pretty well until it was time to go.  We were all set to get coats on and go home when she peed herself.  Ugh.  Never a dull moment.  So I changed her clothes real quick, after explaining to her that we do NOT strip in public (she tried to strip in the waiting room), and then we got to leave.

Now for some photos:

Craft at school last week

Her hair at the end of the day on Friday, courtesy of Miss J in the playroom

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