Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reflections, One Day Post Discharge

So, it's one day after Sarah has been discharged and I have stuff on my mind I want to post.

At breakfast, she gave me a bit of a hard time.  I think she was testing me because she eats fork-mashed pears just fine.  I thought I was going to need help blocking her.  I had called Daddy to come in and help me, but she finally accepted the pears and then was more or less fine.  I really think she just wanted to see if after finishing the clinic if she'd have to still eat the food presented to her with the protocol.  I think I've made that clear now, but we'll see how the next meals go.

Otherwise, though, things have been great today.  The weather outside is wonderful, and I played outside with Sean a bit.  My plan of not leaving the house today was killed by the discovery that we were out of some key food items.  Oops.  So I did have to go to the grocery store, but that was it.  I forgot how nice and quiet it is in the store when most people are at work.  Wow.

Sarah got on the bus happily this morning, and I got an e-mail from her teacher telling me she's doing great today.  She got off the bus very excited, greeted everyone by name, and is doing just fine.  She also reported that Sarah ate her lunch (preferred foods, just not baby food, I sent in spaghetti-o's, pudding, yogurt, and applesauce) fine.  She's not asking to use her trainer seat in the bathroom anymore, so that's great too.

I'm really excited to have her get home and see how happy she'll be.  I definitely feel like I made the right decision sending her straight back to school.

So, some reflections for now.

This clinic has really changed our lives, although I have to say we're very much in a transition period right now.  I have to remember that time needs to be taken to prepare her food now, rather than popping open a jar of baby food.  I need to allot time to do her protocol to make sure she eats her food.

It is a shame we were put through such a long fight with our insurance to get there, but this was absolutely worth the fight.  I'm so glad we didn't give up the fight.  It really took the team approach they take here to get Sarah over the hurdles.  She really had a mix of sensory issues, jaw weakness, and fear preventing her from being able to chew and eat solid foods.  We aren't over all of that yet, but it's all much better.

What I'll Miss:
- The incredible staff, especially her feeding team
- Having an excuse not to clean the house, not that I did that all that often anyway, I just had a built-in excuse for not bothering while we were there
- The valets, got to love people who park your car for free and don't expect a tip (I did give them a tip yesterday for the entire eight weeks)
- Seeing my parents nearly every day
- The adorable kids who were also in the clinic
- The extra one-on-one time with Sarah I don't normally get during the day during the week

What I Won't Miss:
- Having to get up, drag my son to my parents' house, and then Sarah to the clinic every day
- The parent lounge, believe me, the term "lounge" is loosely used.  I know KKI is doing their best, but I'm sick of the place after eight weeks.  It's nice to be watching what I want to watch at home, surfing the net and doing what I want on my computer, having my DVR, etc.
- The playroom when it's super loud.
- Having my son handed off back and forth between my parents and sister-in-law

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