Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 40: Discharge Day!

What a great day! It was short today due to childcare issues and my wanting to be done with this already.  We brought Aunt Jenny with us so she could learn the protocol.

Jen did great feeding Sarah.  She fed breakfast, and Sarah did a great job for her and behaved herself.  I was happy with both of them.  We hung out in the playroom for a bit until it got pretty crowded and loud in there.  Her teacher from KKI stopped by with Sarah's schoolwork for me to give her regular teacher, so that was good.  We were scheduled for school time, but it was a mistake.  I was happy because we were scheduled for way after lunch, and that would not have worked well for my parents.

Jen and I had a great time hanging out and chatting with another mom for a while.  Then we got lunch before coming back to feed Sarah her lunch.  We hung around for a while after she ate because we were waiting for D (her main therapist).  D has already been assigned a new kid and she was working on her first feed.  There was NO way we were leaving without saying goodbye to her.  I gave her a big hug and thanked her for all she's done.

Sarah has made amazing progress at the clinic.  I can't believe the change in eight weeks.  I was so happy to feed her table food for dinner.  It was fork-mashed, but it wasn't made by a baby food company.  Yay!  I was a little worried feeding her tonight because we don't own the DVDs that we have been using at the clinic, but she was happy with the two Elmo DVDs I grabbed for her.

Sean was thrilled to see Mommy, Sarah, and Aunt Jenny pick him up today.  The kids got Elmo balloons from Grammy and Granddad and a cool book (We're Going on a Bear Hunt) for doing a great job.  I was happy to take them home in the early afternoon and let them play outside in the gorgeous weather.  I think it was around 80 degrees here this afternoon.  They had a blast outside and I got some time to myself.

The kids had dance class tonight, and Sean's behavior was much improved over how it's been the past few weeks.  I think maybe the new school and being away from Mommy so much was just too much for him.  Hopefully with me home and things being back to normal, he'll continue to behave himself.  Sarah did well too, but was tired.  She was telling me she was tired on the way there, and her teacher could tell she was tired.

Tomorrow is back to life the way it was before the clinic.  I have really grandiose plans, ha ha.  I'm probably tossing on yesterday's clothes just to feed Sarah breakfast and put her on the bus.  Once she's on the bus, I'm parking Sean in front of the TV to watch PBS while I take a shower that won't be rushed.  He'll happily watch PBS until 10 when Sesame Street goes on (he gets so mad because it's Sarah's turn even if she's not home), and then hopefully he's going outside because it's supposed to be gorgeous out again.  I hope Sarah is okay at school tomorrow, and I really think she will be.  I am sending a copy of her protocol to the school, and we will be tweaking it a bit because watching a DVD while eating isn't exactly practical in a cafeteria full of kids.  I also wrote her teacher a long note about her return to school.  I really think she'll do fine, but we'll see what happens.  Since none of my plans tomorrow involve leaving the house, I'll be home if there's a problem and they can call me.

I have one pic to share from today.  It's her final braid from one of the playroom staff.  Her dishes are in front of her because she'd just finished lunch.

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