Thursday, March 8, 2012

A few things from this week I forgot to mention...

Oh, mommy brain is a tough thing, as is blogging when two kids are acting up.

First off, her main feeding therapist told me she and B were cheering me on during the Fruit Cocktail Standoff.  They were really impressed that I followed the protocol and made her eat it.  They were debating on whether or not to go in and help me block her, but it turned out to not be necessary because I got her under control and made her eat it.  Yay for me!

The other thing I wanted to mention is that baby food is now a thing of the past.  It's under lock and key in this house.  Literally.  We recently bought new furniture for Sarah's room, and one is a cabinet with a key lock.  That's where I hid her baby food.  She doesn't need it anymore and I wanted it gone before we left the clinic.  She's asked for it a few times at home, but I have just told her it's gone.  She asked me to go to the store last night for it, and I told her she was a big girl and didn't need it and offered her applesauce.  She accepted, but only ate maybe half of what was in the cup.  I didn't make her finish, but I would have if we'd been on protocol.  Since this was just a relaxing snack, it was no big deal.

Anyway, that is all for now.  Time for me to hit the sack because tomorrow is another long day at the clinic.  I'm just so glad we only have a few more of these.  Next Thursday, she is going right back to school on the bus and I can't wait!

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