Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 37 & Weekend Update

That was the end of our last week at KKI.  I am so freaking happy.  I'm pleased with her progress, and I'm relieved that this wasn't another failed clinic.  I knew going in that she was unlikely to walk out of the clinic eating food at normal textures, but she's not too far off of that at this point anyway.  It's much better than our last clinic experience where she more or less walked out still on baby food and occasionally licking graham cracker crumbs off her lips.

Yesterday wasn't bad, just long like usual.  She had school and OT.  School was more or less fine, from what I understand.  She's getting good at making sentences with her teacher, and her teacher was pleased.  I don't know how OT went because I spent that time in the kitchen with her secondary feeding therapist going over food prep.  I needed to make sure I learned how to prepare her food at home like they do at KKI so she eats it for me.

Anyway, breakfast went fine.  She had oatmeal, blueberry yogurt, and I forget what else for her second session.  Her first session (I feed the "chew" session, which is now more of a food into session) was a different flavor of oatmeal.  Apparently, she's been eating maple and brown sugar oatmeal.  The food intro session was apple cinnamon.  She seemed to like it fine.  She ate breakfast for me without any problems.

She gave us trouble going into lunch, but was fine for the meal.  She wanted D (her main therapist), but D wasn't there for whatever reason.  She wasn't happy about this and decided she wasn't going to walk into the meal.  B (her secondary therapist) had to carry her into the room.  Booger.  I forget what the heck she ate for lunch, but remember she didn't have any issues with it.  My poor mommy brain.

Food prep was very interesting.  We prepared her weekend food and went over how to fork mash the different types of food, so that was good.  We sent the more preferred foods home because this is her first weekend home on fork mashed food and it's still a new texture for her.  It seems easy enough, though, but it will take getting used to.  I'll manage.

I came in to hang out in the playroom with Sarah for a little while before her dinner and D was in there on playroom duty.  She was having another therapist take a picture of the two of them together, so I snapped one as well.  I can't post it on the blog for privacy reasons, but it is a really cute one.  I made sure to save it on the computer so we don't lose it.  It's also uploaded to a photo storage website, and I may add it to another one to make extra sure.

Anyway, after that, Sarah grabbed my phone and took a bunch of pictures all around the playroom.  She was so funny with it she had the whole playroom staff in tears laughing.  I'm posting a few on the blog so you can see the playroom from Sarah's perspective.  I had to exclude any of the ones with the other kids for privacy reasons, so these are just ones of the playroom itself.



This one is a view of the map in the playroom.  They have a star for each place from where each patient whose been in the clinic is.  It's really interesting and I like looking at the map myself to see how far some of the kids have traveled.

Today has been a busy day like most Saturdays.  Sarah had hockey first thing in the morning, and I had to wake her up for it.  I did this AFTER making her breakfast, and that meant the oatmeal thickened up quite a bit and she really struggled.  I realized what was going on and added some milk to loosen it up and she did much better.  I have to remember that in the future.  I do have to say it was super awesome making instant oatmeal for Sarah.  A normal breakfast.  How nice.  I'm so sick of baby food it isn't even funny.  She did okay at hockey.  The coach wouldn't let her have a walker and she wasn't thrilled about that idea.  She didn't have a tantrum, but decided to lay on the ice and give her helper a hard time a few times.  She had a younger helper (I'm guessing high school or college age), so he seemed a bit unsure of what to do with her.  They got through it, though, with some help.  He seemed frustrated with her, and I don't blame him.  I have a feeling he isn't going to want to help her again any time soon.

She ate lunch fine at home and seemed to really like the beefaroni and green beans.  Anyway, she put herself down for a nap after lunch, so I canceled her therapy session this afternoon.  I hate to do that, but I hate waking up a sleeping kid even more. I took some time that afternoon to do some kid-free shopping for a few things.  I'm alone with the kids tomorrow while Daddy and Aunt Jenny take Great Grandma to go visit Grandma (follow that?), so I got some supplies to make a few crafts with the kids.  It should help keep them busy and out of trouble.

Here's a pic from hockey this morning:

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