Saturday, April 28, 2012

Going better today, Yay!

So, after my previous rant, things seem to be better.

At breakfast, she protested self-feeding a couple bites of oatmeal.  She was watching a DVD she hadn't watched in several months and likely forgot that she owned.  Anyway, after realizing she wasn't getting her DVD unless she fed herself, she gave up the fight and fed herself the rest of the meal.

I thought we were doomed at lunch.  She saw the dishes come out and began to sob and protest.  She even threw her special plate into the sink, which thankfully is unbreakable.  She was telling me "no 'take a bite', no no no, no thank you."  Part of her protocol is prompting her with "take a bite," so she was essentially telling me she had ZERO interest in doing the protocol.  She was curled up in a ball on the kitchen floor crying her eyes out.  I even told Rob to get the camera ready because I figured we'd have something interesting to send to KKI.

I'm so glad to say I was WRONG.  I had the foresight to bring up a DVD she hadn't watched yet.  I got it from the library the other day, but she didn't know about it.  I asked her to choose her video and she happily chose the new one.  She was so interested in the new movie, she forgot about her protest.  I also gave her food she tends not to fight me about eating, and I'm sure that was a bit of a help too.  I probably could have given her some less preferred stuff too, but wasn't going to try it after that protest.  Anyway, she had 100% compliance at that meal.  Not a single protest at all.  I had to prompt her a few times because she was so engrossed in the DVD, but she self-fed every single bite without so much as a hint of negative behavior.

I didn't feed her dinner because Rob did.  That was the plan since I was at dance class and she has gotten an attitude about her.  I'm generally the one feeding her and she pitches a fit if Rob tries.  I told her before I left for dance class that Daddy was going to feed her dinner while Mommy was at dance class, and she was okay with it.  Thank heaven.  Rob said she did great.  No negative behavior at all.  He gave her easier food as well, but that's okay.  Her case manager said right now it's okay to focus on foods that give us less of a fight while they review the videos and try to work in an outpatient visit.

For now, we have the Abby in Wonderland (click the name for more info) DVD to thank for her behavior!  So glad the library had it.  I'm sure I'll be hitting up the library a lot in the near future for more DVD's for mealtime.

Tomorrow, we have a huge family event in the middle of the day, so that's pretty busy for us.  We aren't even doing her protocol at lunch because we don't want to risk any craziness in front of a ton of people, including quite a few we don't know well.  If her breakfast goes well, I may add one food to dinner that's a bit less preferred or even try a taste session of a new food and see what happens.

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