Monday, April 9, 2012

I should be going to bed, but I'm blogging instead...

So, I'll keep this brief.  I hope.

Overall, the actual eating seems to be on the upswing.  Unfortunately, the self-feeding, which wasn't even a problem before the clinic, is on the downswing.  Really, Sarah? Ugh.  Although, if I had to make a choice, this is probably how I'd have things go.  She's much less of a booger about refusing to feed herself than she is about refusing bites altogether.

Thursday was a LONG day for us.  We stayed home for the most part, other than a quick trip to the bank and one to the grocery store and to pick up dinner.  Mommy has been seeing Pizza Hut commercials for the $10 dinner box and has been wanting to try it.  I liked it, but probably won't do it again.  Too many breadsticks/cinnamon sticks and not enough pizza.  Anyway, since it was just me and the kids, no new foods introduced.  Actually, I don't think we tried any new foods all weekend.  The only thing we did differently on Thursday was give her pancakes for breakfast that Miss D had prepared when we went for our brief meal at KKI.  Sarah wasn't wild about them, but ate them okay.  I'll try and prepare them for her myself sometime.

Friday was not bad.  Funny thing is at the moment I'm blanking on what the heck I did.  I don't think we did a ton during the day.  Sarah had a therapy appointment that night, but nothing earth-shattering there.  Oh, and the kids got their hair cut.

Saturday, I got my hair done (highlights were WAY overdue) in the morning, which was really nice.  Sarah spent the morning playing outside and looked AWFUL when she came in.  Poor baby's allergies were driving her nuts.  The allergy medicine wasn't doing her any good and I felt so bad for her.  She has her well child visit on Thursday and I'm going to bring this up then.  That night we dyed Easter eggs with the kids and they were well-behaved and had a great time.

Easter was busy, but fun.  For the first time, the kids found the eggs without us practically having to lead them right to them.  It was really cool.  We met Grandma and Grandpa John (Rob's mom and stepfather) for lunch at a restaurant that's about halfway between our houses.  We had a nice time there and the kids were really good.  Then we went to my brother's house for his Easter festivities.  They had an egg hunt there, and my kids did so well.  Later that day, Sarah asked for strawberries out of the edible arrangement they add.  Okay, more accurately, she grabbed three of them.  Wanting to avoid a choking incident, or worse, I fork-mashed them and fed them to her, and she surprised the family by eating them with little no issue.  She did have a minor gag, but I assured the family she was fine and she was.  Go Sarah!

The other cool thing is that my middle brother with my middle niece's help taught Sarah how to swing independently.  This will make outside time so much more pleasant for all adults.

Anyway, the feedings overall, like I said, are going well.  She's eating everything we give her. She's just on a kick now where she doesn't want to self-feed foods that are less preferred.  She will totally refuse to self-feed certain ones.  I'm following the protocol, but she seems content to lose her reinforcer and have Mommy feed her.  I e-mailed her therapist and I'm sure we'll figure it out.  I'll take this over some of the displays we've had recently.

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