Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting better (I hope), and Happy Birthday, Sean!

So, my baby boy is FOUR today.  How on EARTH did that happen? Didn't I JUST have him?

How cute is he? Seriously.  Okay, so I'm biased.  But, I am just dying of cute exposure looking at that smile.  He's modeling his tap shirt here.  We've had it for probably two months, but hadn't tried it on yet.  Oops.  Thankfully it fits fine.

Here are a couple of Sarah in her costumes.  She grew enough at the clinic that I was worried they'd be too small.  Thankfully they still fit fine.

Cute, isn't she?  Oh, and you can't see in the pic, but she's got black capris to go with the tap costume.  I LOVE it, but can't decide if her individual photo should be in the ballet or tap costume.  If you have an opinion either way, feel free to comment.

Anyway, so things have gotten better since Sunday night.  I hope they stay this way.

Monday morning, I went easy on breakfast since we had to take Sean to school.  I didn't have the time or the energy to have a full-fledged battle at breakfast.  She had oatmeal, yogurt (I think), and applesauce.  Something easy like that.  I know that's taking the wimpy way out, but a mom needs her sanity.

After we dropped Sean off, we headed to a nearby mall and found out they didn't have an Easter Bunny (what?).  They had a post office, so we went to mail a package to find they were having computer problems and couldn't do anything.  Total waste of our time, but Sarah was super patient.  She got a lot of praise for being so calm and patient for me.  Anyway, then we headed to a different mall and went to go see the Easter Bunny there.  She loved him and they were really patient with her to try and get a good picture.  They got a decent one.  It was cute.  It's funny, Sean is terrified of the Easter Bunny and Santa, and Sarah loves them both.  Who knew?  After that, she wanted milk so we headed to Starbuck's.  I made the mistake of getting her one of those Horizon juice-box like milks.  Starbuck's didn't have them in plain, so I got her vanilla.  She hated it. :(  She was a good sport and tried a few sips, but I can't blame her if she didn't like it.  I'll remember next time and just ask them to put plain milk in a cup for her.  We headed to the library to pick up a held book for me and let her check out a book, and then it was time to pick up Sean.  It was really nice spending time with Sarah.  She was such a good little buddy and I know she enjoyed it too.  That was one thing I really enjoyed about the clinic.  I loved the one-on-one time with Sarah.  I just don't get much of that otherwise.  Anyway, Sean was super excited to see both of us and we both got a hug.

Sarah with the Easter Bunny

We grabbed lunch at home after the clinic.  I gave her strawberries and ran them through the food processor first.  They were probably a notch down from fork-mashed, but I was worried about fighting her by myself.  I think she had ravioli or some other Chef Boyardee and pears too.  She did fine with all of it.

For dinner, it was just my sister-in-law and me at home since I had to be somewhere with Rob and he wasn't going to be home in time to do a full meal with Sarah with me.  I braved lasagna with her, but took the time to run it through the food processor to get the noodles small enough.  I think she had peas and strawberries as well.  I noticed the lasagna had dried out a lot.  I added water too.  The lasagna was probably somewhere between fork-mashed and the texture below it, but I wanted to give her a good chance to redeem herself.  I set up the video camera to try and capture the meal so if she did act ridiculous, we'd have it on video.  Also, we could get video of her not chewing.  She was very leery of the lasagna when she saw it, but she ate it.  I was very proud of her.  

Yesterday she did well with all of her meals, including one eaten at a restaurant.  It was still one that I brought myself, but it was eaten without an issue.  We did lasagna again last night, and she did fine again.

This morning we did a meal at the clinic.  Her therapist saw how she isn't chewing her food most of the time, and she gave me some suggestions to hopefully set Sarah straight and help her out.  She saw a few of the other issues we are having, and helped me with that.  She also showed me a bit more with food prep, so that was nice too.

Tonight we have dance class and we're bringing cupcakes for Sean's birthday.  Woo-hoo! We'll probably have cupcakes at home too and sing to him since his party isn't for another week and a half.

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