Friday, April 27, 2012

Way behind on blogging, and the regression continues....

So, things have been rough here.

Sarah continues to fight me on self-feeding.  It's frustrating and she drives me crazy with it.  I'm tired of having her decide she's not going to feed herself unless she loves the food.  I sent an e-mail to her case manager and we're working on it.  I have yet to get the e-mails from behavioral psych I was supposed to get, but her case manager and feeding therapist are working on it.  Hopefully two people after her might actually get her to e-mail me.  I understand Sarah isn't her only patient, but what I don't understand is waiting FOREVER to get an e-mail.  If it was going to take more than a day or two, she should have been up front with me about it.  Rant over.

In other news, Mommy and Daddy got to be adults earlier this week.  We had a Certifikid voucher (think Groupon, but a different company) for an overnight stay and wine tasting at a bed and breakfast.  Well, the wine tasting never happened because the wine house was mysteriously closed, but our night at the bed and breakfast was nice.  We also had a wonderful dinner at a really nice restaurant.  It was nice to eat a good meal without small children.  The service was excellent, and we really took our time.  The breakfast at the bed and breakfast was lousy, but oh well.

We have been pretty busy here.  Saturday morning, the kids went to Parents' Day Out with the ARC of Baltimore.  Sean freaked out when we got there until we told him he could play with Play-Doh.  Sarah was fine the whole time, but unfortunately she took scissors off the craft table and took a chunk out of her bangs.  Just hours before her dance costume pictures.  UGH!!!!  Good move there, Sarah! I was not happy with her.  I asked her teacher to please do her best to hide it for the pictures.  I'll find out when they come back.  Her bangs are kind of thick, so I can sort of hide it, but it really doesn't look very good.  I suppose it could be worse.

Sunday, Mommy and Daddy hung out at Daddy's boss's house for a dinner he cooked.  It was really good and it was nice to have adult conversation.  We had to leave earlier than the rest of the people because our babysitter had to be somewhere, but we still had plenty of time to spend there.

Otherwise, it's the usual busy around here.  Sarah has tutoring once a week.  She has psychotherapy once a week.  It was twice a week, but our insurance threw a fit and said that she only gets once a week now.  Sean has one more week of school.  His last day is my birthday.  He and I might head to the mall for lunch, and then he has an IEP meeting.  At least this one should be simple.  They just need to make an adjustment to put him in public pre-K in the fall, rather than have him getting services in the community.  Fine with me.  Probably the easiest IEP meeting I'll attend.

Tonight, on the advice of Sarah's case manager, I gave her a dinner of food she doesn't normally fight me on to see how she does.  She did just fine, which is good because our kitchen was unusually busy tonight.  I took video, so we'll see what they think.

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