Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The latest here....still doing okay

A little of this, a little of that.  That's kind of how meals are right now.  Some meals she does great, others she decides she is going to throw a fit.  Usually her refusal is not self-feeding, but sometimes she takes it further.

Anyway, so we have some foods that generally don't cause a fight.  I feel like we are slowly adding to the list.  Any Chef Boyardee, peas, carrots, a mix of those two, mixed vegetables, yogurt, pudding, applesauce (any kind now, she used to only go for the flavored kind), and now peaches.  Every once in a while she gives us trouble with peaches, but she's gotten pretty accepting of them lately.  I'm working on getting her to accept more main dishes, but we'll see how that goes.  I'm thinking about re-introducing lasagna tonight, but we'll see how that goes.  I've been working with her on corn lately, and she's not accepting it well enough for me to feel comfortable putting it in a meal.

It's odd, really.  I started the corn because she's been asking about it.  She was telling me last week or so that she wanted corn and peas.  She started whining at dinner that night for them, and I wound up showing her that she was eating them in her mixed vegetables.  Seriously, I got the can out and showed her the picture.  I identified the vegetables in there for her.  I told her it had peas, carrots, corn, and celery.  There were lima beans in there too, but she doesn't really know what those are.  That made her more accepting of the mixed vegetables, and less whiny about the corn and peas.  Anyway, another time last week I caught her trying to pick the corn out of her mixed vegetables with her fingers to eat it by itself.  I looked away for a second, and there she was.  Goofball.  I told her to eat with a spoon, and she was fine.  So, I tried giving her corn in a taste session.  It was the regular kind that I tried to fork-mash.  That didn't mash very well for me.  She handled it okay for her five bites, but when I put it in a meal, she had an awful time with it.  I tried creamed corn with her last night.  She did much better, although she made quite a few faces.  I think we'll do a few more taste sessions to make sure she's okay with it before we put it in a meal.  She seems to really want to eat corn, but it's a tough food for her.  I'm sure she'll figure it out.

Saturday night was a nice night for us.  We got to go out to dinner without the kids, thanks to my sister-in-law. Sarah even ate nicely for her.  We gave her slightly easier food, and Sarah did great.  She was funny, though.  She was "coaching" her aunt.  She would tell herself to take a bite and then praise herself.  I guess she forgot that her aunt knows how to feed her.  Ha ha!  We had a nice dinner at a sushi place, and enjoyed some uninterrupted conversation.  Even if a fair amount of that conversation may have been about the kids.

Sunday, we had the ever so fun experience of Sarah deciding she was REALLY ticked off at us for not serving pudding or yogurt with her breakfast.  She sobbed and whined through the meal and refused to self feed all but the first few bites.  It was ugly.  Thankfully, she was over it by lunch and fine the rest of the day.

Sunday night, we had the family over for my birthday, and Sarah ate a bite of cake and fork-mashed the rest of it for herself.  Too funny!  She was SUPER excited to see her cousins.  She was jumping up and down with excitement when they showed up.  All the kids played pretty nicely together, and we all sat watching a ridiculously long Oriole game.  It was history in the making, though, and I'm kind of glad I watched it.  Well, as glad as someone who doesn't normally follow baseball can be.

In Sean news, I had his IEP meeting this past Wednesday.  It was really nice and I was pleased with how things went with his team.  I felt like the staff was really good about telling me the different options for classrooms for him, and we got a good one for him.  His teacher he'll have in the fall seems really nice, and we have an option to move him to a different classroom in the same school if it doesn't work out.  He finished his preschool program, although they do have a field trip tomorrow.  It's optional, but Sean and I are going.

I suppose that's about all that is going on around here.  Just busy with the usual.

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