Monday, January 21, 2008

Feeding Clinic - First day of Week 3

We've been working a little at home to very gently push some textures, and it's going well there too. All I changed this weekend was adding just a few diced pears to her baby oatmeal at breakfast. I figured I'd see if she'd just eat a little bit of them, and she did with little to no argument.

Apparently, my decision to gently push textures was a good one. She had a very good day today overall.

At breakfast, she had her usual baby oatmeal, but the therapist added just a tablespoon of regular oatmeal. Sarah noticed the change and made a few weird faces, but willingly ate the entire bowl without incident. She also ate a fork-mashed banana mixed with applesauce and then fork-mashed banana mixed with yogurt. At one point, she had a big chunk of banana she started to spit out, but then she pulled it back into her mouth and she chewed and swallowed it, shocking both the therapist and me! She refused to let them put the banana to her lips, but she willingly had a graham cracker put to her lips. The therapist was able to put graham cracker crumbs onto her lips, and she licked the crumbs off. I was very pleased!

Lunch went almost as well. She ate baby spaghetti, one bite was mixed with Chef Boyardee ravioli. She didn't like that bite and didn't want it mixed with the ravioli, but she handled the one bite okay. She only made a face. She refused to even touch the ravioli when it was mashed up very tiny. It was frustrating for me to watch because it was cut way smaller than I used to cut it when she would eat it. I know she'll get back to it, though. She licked saltine crumbs off her lips as well. I forget what else she ate, but overall she did a good job.

Snack went well too. She ate fork-mashed pears mixed with applesauce. The therapist gradually increased the amount of pears in the applesauce, and at the end of the snack, it was probably 75% pears and 25% applesauce. I was really proud of her! The therapist worked hard to get her to lick crumbs from a Nutri-Grain bar off of her lips, and she managed to get Sarah to do it. Not without a lot of protest, but oh well. She tried to get her to put cheese curls up to her mouth, but Sarah was done by then. The meal was a lot of work and very hard for Sarah, so that is okay with me.

Overall, a very encouraging day. I am staying tomorrow as well. Not sure what I am doing the rest of the week.

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rae said...

It sounds as though Sarah had a very good day. You're not even halfway through, so there's still lots of time for her to make more progress.

I bought Sarah some manipulative toys at Lake Shore on Joppa Rd., just west of Loch Raven Blvd. Have you been there? It has lots of educational toys.

I hope to get her an outfit, too. Perhaps we can come over briefly Wednesday evening to wish Sarah a happy birthday and give her her gifts. If you'd rather, we can wait until her party.