Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeding Clinic - Day 1

Well, I was terrified this morning. I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, things went pretty well.

I fought traffic on the way to the hospital (as usual), but we got there a little after 8. The program manager met us and walked us back to the clinic. I took care of the paperwork while Sarah sat in her stroller. Then she got weighed (33 1/3 lbs, up over 2 lbs from September!) and they tried to measure her, but she was very upset. They'll get her height tomorrow.

Sarah went to the playroom, and was thrilled to see that they had a ton of Elmo toys. I went over a few things with the playroom ladies, like Sarah's latest nasty habit of hitting random children.

Then I fed her breakfast. I brought her regular meal, and she ate like crazy! She didn't drink much milk, but she ate almost all of every food I brought her. She even did a good job feeding herself. Everyone was very impressed.

She walked to the playroom with one of the therapists, and I went over more information with everyone. We discussed how typical the feeding was, and about some of the things they will do to get her to eat table food (using toys, etc.), and what types of things I wanted out of the program.

Then the nurse practitioner did a checkup, and I had her check Sarah's ears. Her ear drum is still red, but it's not quite an infection. She's going to keep checking it, and she'll call Sarah's doctor if it gets worse and figure out what needs to be done. Both tubes are in place, so that's good.

I had a meeting with the whole group a bit later where we discussed goals, and then I took Sarah home. She seems to have had a good time in the play area, so I'm really happy about that.

Her goals (in a nutshell):
- chewing her food, starting with solids like Cheerios that melt in your mouth, and chewing her Spaghetti-o's
- eating age-appropriate textures
- feeding herself with utensils
- behaving appropriately during mealtimes (as in, if we give her something and tell her to eat it, she will, etc.)

So, I have to meet with a social worker tomorrow at the clinic, and I have to feed her the afternoon snack as well. I'd stay all day tomorrow, but I have a midwife appointment in the morning as well.

I probably won't update every day, but I'll certainly come back and post anything interesting that happens!

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thanks for sharing...I'm keeping an eye on this daily.