Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feeding Clinic - Day 2

This was Sarah's first full day.

I dropped Sarah off at 8:45, and we got her height (37 1/4 inches, up 3/4 inches from September) and weight (no change). Then I dropped her off in the playroom and headed to my midwife appointment.

Nothing too earth-shattering there. Sean sounds good, and I've moved on to two-week appointments. I don't remember them starting this early with Sarah, but I'm not arguing either! I have to go in for my GTT soon (glucose tolerance test, basically the gestational diabetes test). I'll probably do that tomorrow or Friday afternoon while she's at the clinic. Not sure.

Anyway, I got back in time for her lunch feed. She ate beautifully - just her typical lunch. Again, she refused graham crackers. They tried giving her regular oatmeal at breakfast, which went over like a lead balloon. She gagged on it, which I figured would happen.

Then I met with the social worker and found out we're eligible for more benefits due to the autism diagnosis. So I'll do the legwork on that soon.

I was done the meeting and then was able to watch her afternoon snack. She was pretty upset (probably due to not napping and being out of sorts anyway), but the psychologist feeding her got her calmed down. She ate all the pudding (no surprise), a fair amount of pureed squash, and refused the cheese. She took a few sips of water, but she didn't like it.

Then I took her home. The therapists are starting the treatments tomorrow, and they said they have some ideas. I'm curious to see what happens.

In non-Sarah news, I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Nicholas Joseph! My best friend had her baby at 2:53 pm. He was 6 lbs, 2 oz. and perfectly healthy. I'm going to see him tomorrow and I can't wait!

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