Sunday, January 29, 2012

Days 7 & 8

Looks like I'm getting into a bad habit of not updating. Well, in my defense, I did try on Friday from KKI, but the stupid computer wasn't connecting to the blog site and it's way too tough to do this from my phone.

Thursday, they scaled back to preferred foods to see if that would stop the throwing. They wanted to make sure that Sarah is throwing food because she doesn't like it, and not because she's full or some other reason. Sarah spit out one bite at breakfast, and then threw the next bite, but was okay otherwise. I'm sure the reason she spit out the bite was because they had mixed two foods together and Sarah didn't like it. She rarely spits out food, so I'm pretty sure that was it. Besides, pureed peaches mixed with strawberry-banana yogurt sounds kind of gross to me anyway. She did fine at lunch and dinner.

I also had the parenting group to help deal with outside of mealtime behavioral issues. Sarah is a fairly well-behaved kid, but these are good lessons anyway. I have a lot of issues with Sean, and these lessons are a good way to think about things and handle them with both kids. Thankfully since I have put so much work into reigning him in, a lot of this is stuff I know.

I also met with a playroom therapist that day to go over a plan to break Sarah of her insistence on using the potty ring every time she uses the bathroom. So far the plan is going well. We aren't trying it at home until they are successful in the playroom. It's actually going so well in the playroom that they actually want to talk to the therapist and make sure it isn't going too fast. Maybe Sarah's just a quick study.

Sarah also had speech and OT that day. I don't know how OT went because I was tied up in a meeting when that happened, and I can't watch anyway right now. I didn't get a chance to talk to her OT to see how it went. I watched speech, though, and it was her most difficult, yet most successful session. They do seem to be getting through to her, but I know this is so, so hard for her. They are fighting a lot of jaw weakness and sensitivity and it's tough. She did very well drinking water out of an open cup, though. She can do it, but she struggles a lot and the free flow scares her a bit. She prefers a straw or sippy cup. She struggled a bit with it, but then seemed to get the idea. They managed at speech to get part of a "puff" (think finger food for babies that's roughly the size of a Cheerio) into her. They are star-shaped, and they got about one "star point" into her. She cried and fought and eventually gagged as it went down, but she got through it. Her speech therapist said the gagging will get worse before it gets better, but it will stop. We'll see what happens.

A cute story from Thursday:
We had to stop at the pharmacy on the way home from the clinic that night. She decided to have a "conversation" with the car in front of us. She kept saying "Hey, White Car, are you going to the grocery store? Yeah? We're going to the grocery store!" It was so funny. I had to go to two pharmacies to get what we need, but I got it.

Friday was an easier day for us. Sarah had OT at the clinic, but nothing else beyond the usual meals. Breakfast was more preferred food, and Sarah did fine and didn't throw anything. She did fine for lunch and dinner, even though they'd added in foods she had previously thrown. A few things got some funny faces, but otherwise she ate them just fine.

She said she had wanted to take a nap that afternoon and was looking tired, but she didn't sleep when they made her a bed and everything. Weird, but okay.

Time for me to head to bed as it is more of the same tomorrow.

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Laura said...

Thanks for updating! I'm really interested to hear how this is going. Our student intern from last semester is doing her spring rotation at KKI. Sarah won't be seeing her unless they want to test her hearing, but I love KKI & I always enjoy hearing experiences.