Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Second day of school

Well, waiting for the bus this morning didn't go so well. It doesn't help that the bus for the regular elementary school also comes to our house because we live on a corner. They're scheduled at the same time! Anyway, Sarah was very distressed waiting outside as she's used to us going outside and straight to the car. I wound up bringing her inside and waiting in the foyer for a bit. Once the bus for the other kids came and went, I brought her outside to wait for her bus. This time I brought a toy with us to keep her happy. The distraction worked! She was very confused getting on the bus and pretty upset, but I think in a few days she'll be used to it.

I ran a quick errand while she was at school, and got home ten minutes before the bus was due to arrive to find it already there. Thankfully they were waiting for me. I don't know how long they were there. The bus driver said the times vary if not all of the kids are at school that day. I'll keep that in mind. I felt bad for not being there when she got home, but they were ten minutes early! I asked the driver and aide how she was, and they said she got on the bus, walked to her seat, and climbed right up. I was surprised she adjusted so quickly! Hopefully that bodes well for tomorrow morning.

The note from her teacher said she was in a good mood today. That's always nice to read. I hope she's enjoying school.

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