Friday, March 7, 2008

Just another update

I realized I haven't posted in a while, and I figured I would update. I'm not sure who still reads this blog, but here is an update for anybody who does.

Sarah is doing very well. She is really enjoying school. I have a phone meeting today to get the paperwork rolling to get her into "extended school year" which basically means summer school. She will still have her current teacher and probably the same group of kids. It will be at a different location because they are renovating the sprinkler system at her school. She'll still get a bus as well, which is great.

She got her first stomach bug the third day of school. I couldn't believe it! I'll spare you the gory details, but it was a strange bug that seemed to go away and then come back. Even after I sent her back to school, it took a few days for her to get her appetite back. I had the same stomach bug myself, and it knocked me out for almost two days straight. Her dad caught the bug a few days after we got over it, but he is fine now as well. I'm about to invest in plastic bubbles for all three of us until the baby gets here!

She started up outpatient therapy at the hospital this week. She has feeding therapy followed immediately by speech therapy. I pulled her out of speech therapy at the college, only because it is too difficult to take her to speech two afternoons a week at the college and to feeding therapy another afternoon a week at the hospital. That's three afternoons a week she won't be napping. Not a pretty sight.

Anyway, she did a decent job at feeding therapy this week. We're working on getting the chewy tube into her mouth and getting crumbs into her mouth. She's pretty reluctant to let us do that, but we're getting there. One thing they want to try is having us put crumbs on a spoon with a food she likes and getting her used to the texture. She is doing okay with it at home.

The speech therapist said she did great. She is helping her with eye contact, and she is responding nicely.

She's getting used to the bus ride to and from school. She excitedly gets on and off the bus for school now. I spoke briefly with her teacher yesterday morning and she's doing a good job in the classroom. She's trying to ask for things verbally, which is great. We are noticing this at home as well.

She has begun to say "milk" now. It comes out as "mook" (rhymes with duke), but it's a clear request for milk. She has said this unprompted several times. She is also saying "apple" for applesauce, although it's pretty hard to understand.

She had her three-year-old checkup yesterday. She's very healthy! She's pretty big as well. She's 38 1/2 inches tall (75th percentile), and weighs 36 3/4 pounds (90th percentile). I couldn't believe how big she is. Anyway, we discussed a few things about the new baby and all, just about how she may have a mild temporary regression and how to introduce her to the baby. We're hoping she won't really mind too much because she will still be in school five days a week, napping most afternoons, etc.

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