Thursday, February 7, 2008

Week 5

Sorry I haven't been updating. I've been exhausted lately!

Blogspot finally works from the computer here at the clinic, so I actually have time to update.

They have started the protocol at the clinic where she has to earn back the TV (or toy, she responds equally well to the TV and a toy) by doing something with a non-preferred food. It's definitely getting better. I also have been doing a lot of the feedings lately. She actually eats better for me than the therapists. That's fine with me considering the therapists aren't going to move in with us when she gets discharged!!!

Our family meeting was last Thursday. Nothing earth-shattering was discussed. She is still making progress overall. It's slow, but steady. So far they are still planning to discharge her next Friday, February 15.

This past weekend I gave Sarah her Gerber Graduates peaches in her oatmeal without cutting them, and she ate an entire ounce both days! So that's great. We're practicing a few things from the protocol at home as well. I try to get her to at least practice "kissing" graham crackers or Cheerios. And she seems to respond well.

Sunday was Sarah's third birthday party. It went really well. She even seemed to realize she was the lady of the hour. She had the cutest grin on her face when they were singing to her. We had four kids blow out her candles since Sarah doesn't know how to do that yet. She even tasted a little bit of cake icing. The last time she tried that (this past December) she threw up. This time, she didn't even make a face! I'll try to add some pictures to the blog from home if I get the energy.

I've been spending more time at the clinic lately because I'm doing a lot of her feedings. I've missed at least one meal a day all week because of appointments. But I'm done those for the week, so that's good.

We got the official word on Tuesday that Sarah is in the morning class at school. They originally stuck her in the afternoon, which I thought was really dumb. Most 3-year-olds I know take an afternoon nap! I already have to sacrifice Sarah's nap two days a week to keep her in speech at the college. I was also worried about having to call the college and try to reschedule her sessions because I'd already talked to her student clinician (who seems very nice). But I got bus information and everything, so all is well. I filled out the huge pile of paperwork for her school, so I'll probably try to drop those by the school sometime next week.

That's us in a nutshell for now!

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