Friday, January 20, 2012

Days 2 & 3

Well, our first week is over. It was a partial week, but we have two days off now.

Yesterday we did another baseline feed for breakfast. She did fine and showed them how she normally eats. Regular applesauce was a "non-preferred" food because she's been refusing it for the past six months. She actually ate several bites of it before refusing it. She skipped saying "cowabunga" this time when offered the cookies, but still crumbled them in true "Cookie Monster" fashion.

For lunch, instead of feeding her, they went through a ton of toys and figured out which ones she liked best. I gave her lunch after that.

For dinner, they tried some table purees and gave her some yogurt as well to see what she did. We expected her to refuse all but the yogurt, but she actually ate all of them except one variety. She tried each of them, but decided she didn't like the one kind. She did take that variety most of the time when they "pushed" her, but she really didn't like it.

She also had a speech session, focused on oral motor and sensitivity. That was rough for her, but she worked really hard. They were firm with her, but not so pushy that she was horribly upset. The only crying I saw was more of a pouty "I don't like this and you're bugging me" cry. They got her to do what they wanted her to do, so I was really proud of her. I liked what I saw out of her and the speech pathologist. She needs someone who is going to push her because she will try and get away with less if you let her.

The clinic had me meet with a social worker to see if I'm doing okay and have the right support in place. Apparently, I do. Nice.

Today was a much easier day. I wasn't bogged down with one meeting after another. Sarah ate more table purees today. I was surprised she liked one of them that was more or less completely new, especially because she refused the first bite of it. She had OT today, which I didn't watch because there isn't anywhere for me to do that. Her therapist said she did very well and she liked a lot of what she saw. She said Sarah is delightful.

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