Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Follow-up #2

So, I came in with some questions.  Thankfully, Sarah is doing pretty well overall.  She's growing well, and is generally compliant during meals.  We have successfully added mac and cheese (only Chef Boyardee or Velveeta, she hates Kraft because it's so dry) and creamed corn to her list, both at regular texture, and the team was pleased.  It was nice to say hi to people we hadn't seen in a while as well.

Anyway, we are struggling with breakfast.  I don't have a preferred "go-to" main course for her right now.  Oatmeal is pretty touch and go.  Pancakes, she thinks she likes, but struggles with every time.  This morning she begged for pancakes and it was AWFUL.  I think part of the problem with pancakes is the texture, and the way KKI got them down for her, they aren't remotely like normal pancakes.  I asked about cutting normal pancakes up really small and having her dip them in syrup.  They liked this idea and suggested I present this at snack time, one bite at a time.  They said french toast sticks might be easier.  I don't have any of those in the house, but she is good with a fork and might be able to manage with pancakes.  We'll see.

They said we can start adding regular textured foods to her meals if she is doing well with them at snack time.  Since she DEVOURS cucumbers with ranch dressing, I think a small volume of those might go into her meal sometime soon.

I need to call her allergist soon and see about introducing eggs since her skin test showed a weak positive.  If she can eat scrambled eggs okay and decides she likes them, that's another breakfast option.

So, it looks like we have some experimenting to do in the future.

For those keeping track, Little Miss is 4 ft 1 inch, and weighs 56 pounds.  What a big girl!

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